Bee Protect F

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In 1 L of sirup we add 15 ml BeeProtect F (1 cork).

We add that to community 4 times (every 5th day) by 2,5 dcl.

If we put the whole package (1L) in the bee hive, bees can carry 80% of BeeProtect F in honeycomb. That means that the bee keeper can take out of the hive frame that's been stored with BeeProtect F brought by the bees and throw it in the honey.

This is why it is important to add BeeProtect in 4 steps, every 5th day by 2,5 dcl, so that every bee can get into contact with the sirup, and the whole community can get cleaned of spores..

BeeProtect F uses to distroy spores within a bee.


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