Giant - Universal Disinfectant - 750ml

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A universal cleaning and disinfecting product

  • Cleaning and disinfection product for bathrooms, sanitary knots and kitchens
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, remove stone and mold, polish, no odor of chlorine
  • It does not contain alcohol, phenols, aldehydes, chlorine and chlorine compounds or ammonium quartet salts
  • Anti-corrosive formula protects the surface of sinks, taps and showers
  • Applicable on vertical and sloping surfaces due to strong adhesion and high viscosity
  • It can be used on all acid-resistant surfaces

How to use:

Apply the cleaning solution to the surfaces you intend to clean using the special applicator cap. Distribute the cleaning solution evenly over entire surface using a spong or a washing cloth. Let stand for at least five minutes to allow the active ingredients to clean throughly and then rinse with water.

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